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I decided to make a smallish quilt thingy as a wall-hanging after thinking how bare the wall looked when the C :ninja::ninja: s cards came down.

Went for out-of comfort-zone colours to contrast with the rest of the decor. Happy with what I've done but feel it's too 'inyerface' for a hanging so it is to become a throwish item for the new chair. However, it needs to be rectangular - at least 12ins longer - and was designed as a square so I'm not sure how to proceed and would value advice. I have more of all the fabrics and also a number of others that I bought as possibilities but didn't use.

The colours I based it on are shown in the fleece stripey thing and the cushion cover (somewhat faded). The main colours in the room are a couple of shades of turquoise and faded pinky-terracotta carpet.

Here is a pic. I can supply more info if it would help but I feel I have droned on long enough put my points across succinctly  ;)

I have done some searching on the site but can't find a direct reference to which order blocks should be sewn together. I expect it depends somewhat on what you're doing.

There are 16 blocks, like this, to be arranged as 4 rows of 4. No complicated matching up is needed.

The thing I'm wondering is, should I start from the middle of the piece and work outwards so any imperfections in sizing / joining happen nearer the edges or just go along in rows or columns? I have cut and measured as carefully as I can but things are never as perfect as you hope they're going to be.

Patterns Discussion / Culottes / Divided Skirt
« on: June 29, 2020, 17:28:08 PM »
I wonder if any kind TSPer knows of a pattern, or could suggest which companies might have such patterns.

My sis-in-Dorset wants to make culottes but can only find designs that look like wide-legged trousers whereas she wants it/them to look like a skirt. She's in the 18-20 (UK) dress size range and the only pattern I have is old size 12 (which would be about 8 - 10 these days) from when I was a skinny-ish thing so I don't really know why I've still got it!

Your Favourite Suppliers / Sew Essential Customer Service
« on: March 13, 2020, 19:21:50 PM »
A hearty cheer for 'Sew Essentials' in Bolton, especially Irena who is a treasure.

Both occasions when I've ordered from them, a message has flashed up on the screen saying there's a problem and I need to contact them.

When I phoned, it was answered quickly by a real person (Irena) who seemed genuinely interested in helping me. When further information was required that she didn't have she promised to phone me back and did so.

I called today as there was no news about my overlocker that I ordered last Tuesday. It appears that the customer before me ordered the last of the stock. Irena was incredibly helpful giving me alternatives and also gave me various tips about overlockers - she teaches classes on using the bloomin' things!

 A little ray of light in my day and a splendid example of customer service.

A Good Yarn / Flo's woolly warmers
« on: January 13, 2020, 12:13:36 PM »
Getting towards the end of the knitting season for me. I have knat a few items since September, mostly smallish.
Decided I needed a lighter weight jumper as a change from wearing fleece so bought a selection of 4 ply yarns and came up with this. Did some basic planning but decided on stripes etc as I went along.
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Access All Accessories / Leftovers hat
« on: April 27, 2019, 14:42:23 PM »
Decided I needed a new gardening hat and cobbled together leftover bits of campervan fabric. Not quite enough so used a piratical one for the top. Thought reversible would be good so made second hat and fixed them together. What I hadn't thought through was what would happen when turning up the brim! But, hey, it's only for the garden - and maybe on the odd campsite.
Camper hat
Garden hat
Upside down Vdubs!

Fun with Fabric / Interfacing for 4 way stretch waistband
« on: February 28, 2019, 14:47:43 PM »
I have tried to be self-sufficient and find out by myself but my searches on here have yielded nothing and my internet searches are like trying to get a cup of water from the Niagara Falls!

New to overlockers, I have made a pair of very stretchy skinny trousers, jeans styling. The waistband is slightly shaped, not straight. I really don't know what type of interfacing to use. I don't want it to stretch much but neither do I want it solid, like a belt.

I would value advice from those who have knowledge / experience in matters stretchy.  This includes advice on where to buy such interfacings online, please.

Hi, I'm new... / Just arrived
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:20:20 AM »
Saying hello from East Dorset.

I've been looking for a suitable forum for a while, on and off, but the ones I found were not very much used. Acquiring an overlocker inspired me to search again and I landed here.

While waiting for approval, I lurked and read and, to my surprise found Ploshkin. I'm her big sister! Thought she belonged to a quilting forum and (whisper it) I don't quilt  :ninja:

Dressmaking, householdy things, costumes, knitting are my main interests.

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