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Thank you for these tips, I’m stalking e-bay. 

I know industrial machines are not all that big but we have a fairly small house and I already have 4 machines  0_0 :o

I’d love another old Singer.  That said when looking through eBay at the industrial machines my current singer (the 99k) came up as being able to ‘sew leather and several layers of fabric’...I’m going to get it out and test it but I didn’t see it as an industrial.

I have the space for an industrial (and the green light from OH, the green light was only really necessary since it’s as big as a bit of furniture) would be for leather, loose covers, denim, cushions and bags mainly. 

What should I look for and what should I avoid?  Years ago I used industrial machines at work but I don’t remember much about the make etc other than that they were the type that were built into the table which is something that I was looking for this time too.

Thank you for all of these,  putting the tumble dryer balls into the washing machine is a good tip, I used to use the balls in the dryer with wrap slings to get them floppy but didn’t want to tumble my clothes fabric so I’ll try them in the washer instead.

Those links look great, thank you!   I’ve just looked at the (hippy) top I’m wearing and it’s pure linen, it’s about 4 years old so it’s so soft now.  I don’t mind if it’s cotton either, it’s good to mix it up a bit and I have quite a few bits on the list to make.

I have some lovely RTW bits that are linen, they have been washed and washed but even when they were new they were nice and floppy and hung well.

Does anyone know where you can buy such linen?  Or do makers subject their cloth to washing techniques to get it to drape. TIA!

Awesome, thank you both...I have started reading through those very detailed instructions!   I will see what I can find out about the tension, the spring moves in and out as you turn the adjuster knob  so that looks like a good sign.

Thank you for your replies...RL took over and I have not been back for a few days.

It is not an electric one, which makes it easier.  It has a spindle handwheel.

Yes also to the stitch length being a round knob, the knob needs some oil though as it is really stiff.  I have been up and down the whole spectrum on the tension and can’t get it right.  I have found the screw for the bobbin tension, but dare not touch it at the moment!   I’ve also altered the pressure foot to see if that may have helped.  If I could do it myself it would better, especially just before Christmas with so much else to spend money on.

Thank you, this is really helpful. I’ll have another look at it.  Yes to the red felt in the bobbin area!  I’ve seen that already and since it didn’t move, I fortunately decided to leave it alone.

I’m amazed by the machine really, the serial number tells me that it was made in 1926.

I’ve been quoted £60 to service an old singer 99.  The machine appears to have been lovingly looked after by its previous owner, I bought it for £20 from the owners daughter in law who looked at me like I was mad when I told her I was going to use it and did she know how it ran?!

I can’t get the tension right, and anything that turns or moves is stiff, including the hand crank wheel.  Other than that it does a nice even stitch and trundles along nicely.  Of course it was pretty dusty so I have given it a brush.

I had seen the Burda one, have you made 1 pair or a few?  I have a feeling that they could become a bit addictive!  I want to make a culotte legged pair as well.  I expect that I might also end up making my own pair as well because I have a lovely wide leg pattern that would look good as a dungaree.

Oh to have a bum small enough to look good with all those gathers
Ha ha, yes, I'll have to keep up with my squats and enjoy it while I can I think, it's my tummy that causes me problems, it never did spring back after child 3 or 4!

I had been half looking for a dungaree pattern, yesterday on Instagram I saw a pair made up using the Sew House 7 Burnside Bibs pattern...I was sold and the pattern is on it's way!  Sewhouse7 Burnsidebib

I was wondering what other patterns anyone else has made up and how they have turned out?  also if anyone else has made the sew-house ones?

Tech Know How / Re: How to change profile picture please
« on: July 29, 2018, 13:53:43 PM »
Thank you!  I will sort out a new picture.

Tech Know How / [SOLVED] How to change profile picture please
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:47:55 PM »
I put my picture up quickly and now I can’t seem to change it, can anyone let me know how please?

I agree with taking the linings out to save £££’s!  Well done on your work with the velvet curtains, that sounds like heavy work.

They are completely hand sewn apart from the heading tape, which was put on by me 20 odd years ago (I shortened from the top), testament to Rufflette, the tapes are still in very good condition!  I won’t, but at a pinch I could re-use.  They have lead weights so I’m not sure they would stay in place through the washing machine.

20+ years ago I shortened a lovely pair of second hand curtains that my mother had been given.  Fast forward to now and the linings have gone to pot and are falling apart.  Being a creature of habit my mother wants the curtains to remain, so has asked me to re-line them.

I’m not a fan of having hand made curtains dry cleaned, there is no dirt on them as such and I worry that the stitches will come undone. I’m wondering if a good beating would do instead?  By good I mean how they used to do it ‘in the olden days’ , firm but careful.

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