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House Beautiful / Popped through the door today ...
« on: June 12, 2019, 11:21:33 AM »


!. 7ish metres of my beautiful Saraband by Sandersoons, Thank you @wrenkins  who saw it on fleabay ... and so, with my Miss Haversham curtains and the spare fabric I had before maybe , just maybe I can renovate my bedroom curtains.

Who knows ....

If you ever see any of this for sale peeps ... Please let me know!

Today... / Saturday ... Workshop Day ... 8th June!
« on: June 08, 2019, 07:00:41 AM »
I've been up bright and early (6 am) and am feeling greeeeeaaaat (as Tony the tiger used to say)

Today is the first day of my 2day workshop with Clare Passmore at Midsomer Quilters ...
I'm apprehensive ... Hand sewing and painting ?? but am, as one of Harry Enfields characters used to say, up for it!

Have good Saturdays peeps and play nicely together!

Oh and by the way @annieeg , you can ignore my message!

Today... / Up with the Lark again ... Wednesday 5th June
« on: June 05, 2019, 05:05:51 AM »
Well here I am up with the Lark again ... and its Wednesday 5th June .. Where is the year going?

Not much to report, The birds are tweeting, the sky is blue (yet again) and The Mei is perched in front of me purring contentedly.

Im off into the metropole that is Poolemouth today to collect the paintings left to me by A. Helen and then on to see my other notreallyanauntie, Auntie Gell so if any sewing is to be done, its going to be early morning sewing ... How loud is The Splurgess when its running full tilt mmmmnnnn???

Whatever you are up today peeps, have fun!

Hi Embroidery Wizzes, Im hoping you can help me out here

Im having to embroider a label for a swap Im on and Im not happy with the result.

Firstly I tried a Madeira Metallic but it broke before it finished the first letter,
so I changed to a Madeira embroidery with a lovely sheen on the reel
but Im not too happy with the quality of the stitching and there seems to be more coloured thread on the reverse than on the front ... well the same amount at least.

Details ....

Hoop size 100mm x 100mm
Font number 17, (PES lite)
Size 8mm,
White brother bobbin thread,
Pale gold coloured Madeira embroidery thread (from my cabinet)
Embroidery speed ... least of the two available on machine
Stabilizer .. Tear away ? (the cut squares @Celia )



Im sure it me but the brother manual despite being printed in 52 languages offers no help whatesover.

Please, Please, Please can you help ???

@Celia @Acorn @Morgan @Bodgeitandscarper and @ anyone else out there that knows how to help me

Thank you

Ok, Enough Lollygagging .... Lets do something over here in the Darkside

Summer Solstice Mini Quilt Swap

Start Date .... May 20th 2019
End Date ....   June 21st 2019

Create a Mini Quilt no smaller than 12" and no larger than 18" on any one side

The Mini Quilt can be a Traditional Patchwork, Modern, Pictorial or Summer Solstice Themed design
using any of these Media ...

Piecing, Quilting, Applique, Stitching, Embellishments
(and any more you can think)

Attach a label to your mini quilt on the reverse

Please feel free to post teaser pics of your work in progress
and comment in thread to keep this project current in peoples minds

To Enter

Please register within this thread by Midnight on Sunday 19th May.

To help your Mini Block's Creator please answer the following questions when you register ...

Your favourite colours,
Your hated colours
Would you prefer a Traditional, Pictorial, Modern or Summer Solstice themed Mini Quilt
Would you would like a Hanging Sleeve attached

After Monday 19th May,

Please pm Iminei with your address
(mark the PM Summer Solstice Mini Swap)
this will only be shared with your Mini Quilt Creator

You will be notified of your Swappee during the week.

Please ensure your block has been posted by June 21st ...

This gives you about 5 weeks to create your mini block.

Have Fun!!!

Here is a link to a tut that I plan on giving the girls at my class this weekend ...

D9P tut

As usual click on the first pick, then the i icon and destructions should come up to the right side.

Any suggestions?

Posted in Fb, Jan Hassards collection of antique quilts under the hammer ...

Auction Catalogue

Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / IDEA's Please
« on: May 05, 2019, 08:39:35 AM »
Ideas, we need ideas ... for some new sewalongs, competitions, swaps ...

The Darkside seems to have been wallowing in the Doldrums recently and that is just not on!

Surely some of you are producing lovely things? Show us ....

Have you been having problems with a project? Ask us ....

What do you want to see happening in The Darkside? Tell us ....

Courses & Classes / Just booked
« on: May 02, 2019, 16:30:43 PM »
This workshop in Ilminster .. My Im getting brave driving myself all the way to Ilminster and (hopefully) back

My best friends lil girl had her first baby yesterday, a lil girl called Juno  so I have to finish the cuddle quilt I made earlier this year with a label which hopefully will include a picture of her as her Dad posted a fabulous one on FB

I have an inkjet printer and those ridiculously expensive fabric sheets that run through the printer ... Can someone tell me how to make the label/photo washable ??? Here's the pic I want to print

Does that sentence even make sense ???

Elvis will be out of his body bag later today too ...

Ladies, yesterday an envelope popped through my door from Twisted Threads
offering us group tickets to this years

Festival Of Quilts ...

Being held at the NEC in Birmingham,
slap bang next to the train station and held on the
1st - 4th of August this year.
So once again The Sewing Place is pleased to be able to offer you tickets
to the biggest Quilt Show in Europe
at the best possible price by purchasing through the Group Ticket option.

This is the most economical way to buy;
These prices are even better than the discount offered to competitors at the festival!!!!

You can go on whichever days you please and,
as long as we can sell 10 tickets,
tickets will cost .....

£13 per Adult ticket
£11.50 per Quilters Guild  Member
and £7 per Child (5 -18)

Please add on £1.50 to your order to cover my P&P costs and Twisted Threads admin fee.

Twisted Threads have, along with changing the dates for the show, changed some of the T's & C's ...
I will now need payment for your tickets by July 20th,
tho' I will of course over order for last minute attendees.

This year I am afraid I will only be able to attend the show on the opening day,
Thursday 1st August,
but will greatly enjoy meeting any other TSP peeps
on The Mezzanine between 12 and 1pm,
after which I hope we can present the Beautiful  Project Linus Quilts
you have made this year to them at their stand.

If you are interested in taking up this great offer, please pm Iminei ....
marking your pm, FOQ 2019 please.

Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / 100 shades of Grey
« on: March 30, 2019, 08:24:04 AM »
Im sure Ive posted about this project somewhere before but I'll be damned if I can find it so here we go again!

Last year, after being informed by Nasa that my Oakshott stash could now be seen from space I decided to actually DO something with all those luscious fabrics instead of just stroking them ..... my precious

So I set to sometime last autumn and these have been pinned on the design wall quilt in the dining room ever since, soon being overlaid with the temperature quilt in progress, cushion cover blocks, the *** for not Pearl (sorry) and various 2019 quilt blocks.

Well the other day I took them off the design wall quilt in the dining room, hied me hence to the sewing school and laid the strips out on their big tables, chose a layout, took them home and put them together!

Oh er missus its bloody eeeeenormous (as the actress said to the bishop, or was it the other way round?) and I have no idea how I am going to be able to layer it let alone quilt the monster .... but do we likey ????

linky in case of invisibubble pics

Fun with Fabric / What would YOU do with this fabulous fabric ????
« on: March 29, 2019, 16:47:33 PM »
Just found this Fantastic fabric and am wondering what YOU would do with it if it was yours ,Darksiders and lightsiders both .....

Cat and glasses for scale only ... They are not part of the fabric!


Access All Accessories / Is this the right place ????
« on: March 25, 2019, 09:07:33 AM »
Hi there Accessorisers,

after finding myself taking some handsewing into strange places over the last two weeks I am thinking of making a simple thingymy to carry my couple of needles, thread, scissors etc instead of wrapping them in a scrap of fabric as I have been and hoping for the best ...

Has anyone any ideas for a simple pattern  for such a thingymy ???

linky in case of invisibubble pics

Just received this lil beauty through the post this morning ....

Such a simple beautiful idea ... I know what Imself is going to get for his birthday this May!

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