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Today... / and onto Thursday ...
« on: August 15, 2019, 05:13:46 AM »
aaaand guess what ??? Im up ! This is getting ridiculous!

What to say, Its thursday the ??th of August and its dark and I fully expect raining out there! My temperature quilt is going to be interesting for this week as we have had some temps below 10 degrees! in the night .... Brrrrrrrr

Hope you peeps have interesting things to get up to out there ... Im off to the Post Office first thing followed by a trip to Lidl for a pain au raisin, which are truly delicieux from there ... I know how to live!!!! xxx

Today... / its now a Wednesday in August
« on: August 14, 2019, 07:19:19 AM »
and I had a better night, just ... but still up with the lark and a headache!

I thought about venturing out the door, but the weather is vile (and cold) so as I have milk and some miraculously still ok bread, I think I'll batten down the hatches and continue 'working' on the Halloweenathing and maybe the temperature quilt and who knows, isnt the Murder mystery quilt out today???

Have good days peeps whatever you are up to xxx

Today... / Good morning, its a Tuesday in August
« on: August 13, 2019, 05:54:58 AM »
And Ive been awake for hooooours again!

Finally gave up pretending to sleep about 5am. I could blame the car alarm that kept blatting away every 5 minutes for 30 seconds or so, or I could blame the surprisingly synchronised duet of coughing and nose blowing from Neighbours Right and Left ... it seems everyone with small children along the terrace has a cold at the moment ... or I could blame the man I married for yet another sleepless night ... and not in a good way!

Im going for some hand-sewing today as the Halloweenascreamalongathon continues apace as I wait for a lil package of quilty lovlieness to arrive from Austria .. and then I will have to make good on my promise to finish the star swap quilt ...  :S which as I recall had backing that was just too small for the quilt so a lil imagination will be needed.

Anyway Tuesday proper is about to start, so have good ones peeps .... xxx

Today... / Saturday 10th August ....
« on: August 10, 2019, 03:04:55 AM »
 ..... and as I am awake, as awake as an awake thing on national awake day I decided to see what the big girls and boys do on a Friday night/Saturday morning ... the answer it seems, is to scour the house for an AA battery because their mouse has decided to give up the ghost!!!

The TV is pretty dire too! Have I missed it all ????

It always seems like all the good TV/films are on waaaay past my bedtime ... but the one time Im up waaaay past my bedtime ... and on a weekend too ... nada, zippo and bupkiss !!!

and the one battery I found is now working very intermittently so before I start throwing things around (never been very adept at the mouse pad thing) I better wish you guys all a brilliant Saturday ...

Me? I'll be found buying batteries ... returning home and diving straight out again to buy a new mouse ...
which is odd as I saw a dead one on the carpet of next door (on my last day of catsitting) ... Maybe it was an omen?????

Last year I worked FOQ with Gourmet Quilter ... we get along well and I love her stuff, and its a good way to see the show whilst keeping some money in your bank as you are so busy working you dont get to go shopping!!
Susan was showcasing her new design, the Metro Tiles Quilt

and had several kits of the quilt with her to sell at the show.

They were expensive at £230 but glorious.
All the components for each block were prefused and  lasercut from Hoffmann batiks. backgrounds and setting triangles for each block in coordinating Hoffmann batiks were included all exactly cut with full destructions for making each block and assembling the quilt.

The packs Susan had brought over from New Zealand were sold on day 1 of the show and we had to hang onto the last kit to showcase the quilt and take orders.
Susan and I had agreed I would take delivery of the kits and send them out from the UK to give people a better postage rate than shipping from the USA or New Zealand, where Susan lives.

A month after the show I had a big parcel arrive from the states full of kits

and began to ship them out to the peeps who had pre-ordered at FOQ. I had two kits leftover in case Susan took some orders via her website for delivery to the UK or Europe.

Over the next year I offered the kits for sale but had no takers, then on the eve of FOQ 2019 I had a pm on facebook from a girl asking me about the kit.
After several questions she said she wanted one and bought it! YAY!

That same evening a friend of mine called and asked if I could lay my hands on one of the kits, she wanted to make the quilt as a gift for her daughters wedding next September ... I have one right in front of me, I said, Do you want it ?...

She was 95% sure she did, so instead of arriving at Festival laden with Project Linus Quilts and Metro Tiles quilts I strolled up to Susan, gave her a cheque for the kit I had sold and an assurance I was sure my friend would want the last one ....

Long story right?

Well today I spent the day with my friend. We looked at the kit and I assured her she would definitely be able to make it. She was convinced, gave me some money and then we played!!! :D

I say we, but she wanted me to show her how easy it was to make the blocks, from making registration lines on the backgrounds to placing, fusing and lastly stitching the components down. By the end of a couple of hours and much giggling and chatting I had made two tiles and shown her how easy it was to join them together.

The kit has pre-fused laser-cut sashing strips to cover the front seams but as these two tiles didnt belong together ... my friend wants to follow the order of the tiles exactly, I sewed the two together with large stitches so she could easily unpick the two blocks and didnt fuse the sashing over the seam.

Sadly shes now all enthused and has taken the beautiful kit away with her but I made sure I took some photos to remind me .....


OYez, OYez, OYez

I call upon all Ye Darkside Star Block Swappers

Yes Ye, from the year of 2015 !!!
(WOW! Was it really that long ago?)

I proclaim that I, Iminei
am finally going to complete my Star Swap Quilt
and humbly beg of TWO more Blocks from ye.

Therefore if it pleases ye, could ye please avail me of ...

A SINGLE Half Square Triangle Block in the colours of Fire and Sun

and also

A SINGLE Half Square Triangle Block in the colours of Fire and Sun and also of Plain BLACK

The measurement of ye blocks, unfinished, should be 3 1/2"

OYez, OYez, OYez

Here ends the proclamation!

Sorry for that bit of silliness but I do wonder if those of you that took part in our Star Block Swap of 2015, would make me just two more HSTs  which I would use to piece a final star for the backing fabric.

I realise we have lost two of our Darksiders, Fabric Floosie and Quilty Sisty and I doubt Sakar has time now that Wolfgang has taken over her life but maybe there are a couple of new Darksiders who might step into the breach???

To refresh your memories, take a look at the Darksides Star Block Swap Album here ....

Hope you dont think Im too cheeky for asking .....

Today... / Last Day of July ... 31st
« on: July 31, 2019, 07:15:28 AM »
Well here we are at the last day of July already! and the weather has significantly improved here in DDD ... another glorious blue sky, wall to wall sunshine day is beckoning to me through my window!

Its also the last 24 hours to vote vote vote for The Project Linus Project Winner  ....

So please browse through The Album and choose choose choose your favourite Three quilts!

I'll be heading toward the NEC this time tomorrow and am hoping to see you there ...
Meet up at the Mezzanine after 12 midday ...
See the Project Linus Quilts up close and personal and sometime around 1.30 come and join in at the handover at the Project Linus stand !!

I can't wait!!!

Have good days Peeps!

As you know I will be winging my way Midlandswards on Thursday for Festival and I wondered if there was anything that YOU wanted or needed from Europes largest Quilting show, but cant get as you are not going ???

If there is, let me know and I could pick it up for you.

Today... / RAIN! 30th July
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:36:47 AM »
I woke to torrential rain this morning and a disturbing drip drip drip (but really fast) as the gutter directly outside my wide open window overflowed ... Im hoping its just volume of water but fear it may be something more serious  :S

I hope this weather is a blip as I've FOQ to get to on Thursday early doors and a wedding to go to on Friday ... It would be such a shame after weeks of brilliant sunshine for the weather to change just in time to ruin their big day!
Still at least the garden will appreciate it.

Now I must go and feed next doors puss and look at the state of my guttering or is it the roof ???
Have good days peeps and stay dry!

Hi Guys,

 Ive joined this quiltalongathon for a bit of fun from August 1st til Halloween ....

Foundation paper piecing is definitely involved but it looks like fun ... and who knows I might go seriously off piste and applique!!

Anyone care to join in?

Adding Zing & Bling / Its me again
« on: July 29, 2019, 07:29:01 AM »
Its me again and my lifelong search for my inner artist lurched forward a notch yesterday as I took the Starry night to the Hop with me.
£ hours of enforced sitting in a chair (with a drip attached to my arm) and I decided instead of reading the paper I would attempt to get a handle on the nad stitching.

Now THIS is what it is meant to look like

apparently this took the very talented Clare Passmore 3 solid months!! and this was mine before the visit to the Hop.

But I spent a very enjoyable time stitching away and now it looks like this in one corner ....

Yup Pathetic right??!!

I kid you not that took HOURS!

So Im back, begging you to help me out here...

HOW do you split the embroidery thread stuff without it getting tangled and knotted up ???

HOW do you start and finish the threads ??? (you DO NOT want to see the back of this!)

ANY other help, gratefully received PLEASE???

I did enjoy myself though, and it was completely absorbing ... I was just quite shocked when I came to take the pic by how little I had achieved!!!!

No pics??? Linky to album

Today... / Under the Radar Birthday Wishes
« on: July 28, 2019, 08:42:47 AM »
Im wondering whether I'm a Super Sleuth or a Know Nothing Nit Wit

but I think it could be

an under the radar Big TSP birthday

for our

Brilliant BOGWOPPIT!

Have an excellent one Darling!

:ninja:      :toast:        :cake:      :toast:       :ninja:

In the wardrobe / I've slunk in from the Darkside
« on: July 24, 2019, 17:38:41 PM »
I've slunk in from the Darkside,  have my sunglasses on and have a question for you Lightside bods ....

I've picked up this top from the charity and thought it would be a nice pressie for my Auntie Gell ...

BUT ... the centre panel of 'lace' down the front is  distinctly yellower and has a much fluffier feel than the lace on the hem and sleeves ...

I'm thinking removing this panel would make this a much nicer. cleaner lined garment.

What do you think and have you any advice about how to go about it????

Welcome to the Sewing Places' 2019 Project Linus Project!

Please make a cuppa, pour yourself a long cold drink
and take a look through our fabulous
this year ...

As ever,
Select the first pic,
Click on the i icon to bring up the details on the right hand side of your screen
And scroll on through....

And after feasting your eyes on all this quiltylovlieness please VOTE for your favourite THREE quilts above ...

Voting will close at MIDNIGHT 31st July

And if you want to see these quilts up close and personal,
they will be being displayed on the mezzanine level at the Festival of Quilts on Thursday the 1st August
from midday to sometime after 1pm ...

after which they will be donated to Project Linus at their stand at approximately 1.30pm - 2pm.

Be There or be Square !

Today... / Wednesday 17th July ...
« on: July 17, 2019, 06:46:55 AM »
and Im back in the fields until Friday.

Im really loving this alternate form of work and am thinking of enquiring at our local vineyard, Langhams, about harvesting grapes later this summer! They do that by hand dont they???

Nothing else to report, I basically get up, go out, come back 9 hours later get in the shower and go to sleep!

Play nicely together and have good days wherever and whatever you are up to xxx

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