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Floral Rule Voting thread

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16 (10.4%)
Greybird's Entry
25 (16.2%)
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2 (1.3%)
Efemera's Entry
9 (5.8%)
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3 (1.9%)
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22 (14.3%)
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Florals Rule Contest - voting thread


Florals Rule Contest - voting thread
« on: May 12, 2020, 05:35:52 AM »
#1 Starryfish’s 1st entry

Style Arc Cruise Club Kim- obviously not for a cruise( I never wanted to go on one before COV-19, now definitely not) . This is a night dress, made from some  floral viscose jersey from the stash.
It was perfectly straight forward to make, just overlocked the seams, topstitched the neck and armhole bands and twin needled the hem. The only thing I changed was to take in the armholes about 1", to hug the fabric close in to the armpits, I often have to do this on sleeveless jersey makes.
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#2 Starryfish's 2nd entry

Style Arc Pyjamas in blue floral cotton with purchased white cotton piping. I made no change to the pattern other than my standard adjustment to the back of the trousers. ( 1/1/2" wedge added to the centre back seam to allow for my large derriere  ;)

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I don't take photos of me in my pjs.

#3 Greybird's entry.

This was a 1 metre piece of fabric I bought online. It was described as brocade but even so, it was heavier than I expected. The design is printed onto a self-patterned white textured effect. With so little fabric I was limited as to what pattern I could use and hadn't a hope of matching the pattern - I simply ignored it!

I used M2818 which I have had ages. I had used it for something else recently so it sprang to mind because it's very economical of fabric. It looks quite old fashioned but has proved very useful quite a few times. It's a pattern for tops and buttons down the back but because I wasn't at all sure what this was going to turn into, I altered it to button in the front. It seems to have turned into a sort of jacket which I will wear buttoned up. I extended the sleeves as far as the fabric would allow and they are three quarter length which I like. I ended up lining it because the facings (neck facings were all I could get) were too bulky. I couldn't find any buttons I liked so have used some black silk dupion to self-cover them. I had a nightmare with the buttonholes - machine playing up - have settled for the best I could do.

What event/occasion is it for?
Good question. Should I ever have any occasion to go to in the future, I'll let you know if it's suitable! I think it would go quite well with jeans but it also goes well with the charcoal crepe trousers I shall be posting elsewhere soon.  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  
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#4 Sewmuchmore’s 1st entry
Fabric purchased from a destasher on eBay and pattern used was McCalls 7253
Made for every day wear.
This is the first time I have used this pattern and no particular problems other than I am not sure about the pocket placement. They seem a little low on the skirt and I have to stoop to use them. I will use this pattern again but probably move the pockets up.

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#5 Sewmuchmore’s 2nd entry

Style Arc Blair shirt dress from fabric from Fabric For All in Leeds, hope it fits the floral theme
Made for every day wear
I have used this pattern before to make the blouse version so I knew that the collar stand is not long enough for the neckline (this has been mentioned on Pattern Review as well by other sewers). Rather than make the stand longer I have taken the excess fabric from the shoulder seams.
I have also made alterations to the in seam pocket which also acts as a modesty panel, if you follow the instructions you will find that the wrong side of the fabric shows between the shirt tails so I have altered it so that the right side shows.
I also found that the finished dress was a bit shapeless even for my shapeless body so I have put two narrow darts in the front and taken up the excess in the back with elastic in a casing. You will also notice that there is no button on the collar stand, I didn't have enough and not sure that my order will arrive in time for deadline.
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#6 Efemera's 1st Entry

The pattern is the Prima Everyday Dress. The fabric is 95% cotton 5% Lycra.
I made a slight alteration to the front neckline, taking out a small wedge to narrow the front bodice.
The pattern is meant for woven but works just as well in a knit.

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#7 Snoozi Soozi's 1st entry

I made an old favourite, the first one in quite a while : the Marcy Tilton V9112.

The fabric is a duvet cover I found on one of my charity shop hauls, brand new still in it's packaging, for all of £6  :) For a guess it's a polycotton, it's only lightweight.

The pattern was made up as per the instructions except I didn't interface the collar, I have a severe aversion to the stuff. I added a couple of buttons to the collar, it's my slight obsession, love a pretty button.

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#8 Snoozi Soozi's 2nd entry

These are the Kathryn Brenne V9114 pattern, another old favourite, the comfiest pair of trews pattern I have.

Once again, it was the duvet cover purchased in the charity shop, so I'm v chuffed to have made a complete outfit for a little over £6.

I did need to shorten the crotch seam but apart from that, no other changes. They're a good length and a good fit all-round. There isn't much gathering on the waist so very little bulk.

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#9 Sewmuchmores Entry no. 3

Finished today.
Made for every day wear

Fabric is a chambray which has sort of out of focus flowers on it.

Pattern used is Simple Sew Utility Dress, aimed at beginners.

I saw this dress made up on a blog and decided it would make a good every day dress. I already had the fabric in my stash but when the pattern arrived I thought "what was I thinking". I don't do v necks, I don't do fitted waists as I have no waist and then I realized that the top was pleated!

Any way I went ahead. First thing with this pattern is that the key indicated the shaded area is the wrong side but all the diagrams that accompany the instructions show the shaded area as the right side. (This could really confuse beginners).

There is no mention of stay stitching or under stitching, and the instructions for the cuffs leave a lot to be desired.

Alterations I made: initially raised the v by an inch but on final fitting it was still too low and the neckline was far too wide so I had to take it in by sewing a dart shaped seam down the front. I also had to shorten by 4 inch so it sits on my knee.

I was pleasantly surprised how well it fitted after that although not sure I will wear it much as the colour it is a bit insipid and even he said it looks a bit like it should be a nighty.

I will make the dress again but in my usual stronger colour palette.

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#10 SewRuthieSew's Entry

Floral trouser suit, sewn because I'd kept pinning photos of dark floral trouser suits and fancied my own.
Having sewn it though I'm not sure if I would actually wear it as a suit, but the individual pieces will be great with plain navy separates, and perhaps a top picked from one of the colours in the print.

Trousers - New Look 6216, Cardigan jacket - the cardigan pattern from Wendy Ward's sewing with knits book.
Fabric - remnants of stretch woven printed cotton bought on holiday in Madeira.

To get both the trousers and jacket out of the fabric I laid the pieces out together, and cropped both slightly.

#11 Lachica's Entry

Well I've just squeaked in under the wire! This fabric was in my mum's stash, a fine cotton lawn. Pink yoke fabric is the last scraps from ages ago.

The pattern is a trusty Prima one which I've used as the base for many tops. This time I closed the bust dart, rotating it to the shoulder which gave me extra fabric to gather onto the front yoke. I created the yoke, sewing it all together using the burrito method, quick & easy.   [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  It's a loose fit, goes easily over my head so the front is stiched across the facings, buttons are for show, (no buttonholes yay)! It fits fine but I don't like it.   [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

#12 Flobear's Entry

What event/occasion is it for: Going to bed (jama trousers) Wafting about at breakfast time (gown)

Pattern used: Butterick 4913 a droopy dress from the days of shoulder pads.

A short description on how you made it: 10+ years ago it was going to be a light coat to wear over belly dance kit. Partly cut out, it sat in a bag since then. Decided I needed a between-seasons wafting gown. Shopped online for a very lightweight cotton to line it. Added extensions to front for overlapping. Re-designed sleeve head and armhole size and shape so it would be looser and not need shoulder pads.  Re-shaped front V and did away with neck facing so made bias binding for those edges.

Liked the lining material so made matching jim-jam trousers based on some ancient pattern I've been using for ever.

1. Wee Willa Winkie !  2. Must-have pockets  3. Does up with a tie belt  4. Flasher mode  :P

#13 indigotiger's Entry - Floral Blouse

What event/occasion is it for: everyday wear, especially in springtime

Pattern used: self-drafted TNT button front blouse pattern

I really wanted to make something cheerful to wear, and this teal floral print was a lot more colorful than my usual grey/brown/black/indigo wardrobe, while still being something that would coordinate with what is in my closet. I had purchased the fabric sometime in the past few years, probably because it reminded me of Liberty Lawn prints...

Cutting out and putting the blouse together would be fairly straightforward, since it is a TNT pattern and my isolation weight loss didn't affect any crucial fitting issues, just made the blouse a little more loose fitting. However, for some reason, the project told me that it wanted to have decorative rick rack piping added to the collar and center front! (surely I am not the only seamster who has their projects "speak" to them) While I have done regular flat piping in the past, I have never worked with rick rack before, and after hunting for quite a while online, I found someone selling some vintage all cotton pale blue tiny rick rack... I wanted small, because I wanted subtle, not too twee. I didn't realise that the very narrow trim would be as difficult as it turned out to be to sandwich accurately when sewing the collar seams. There were a number of places I needed to go back and re-stitch, as the difference between catching the rick rack in the seam correctly, sewing it in too deeply so it didn't show, and not actually catching the little zig zags was literally a thread of difference.

Fortunately, stitching the rick rack into the front button bands was less fraught, as it could be done with the components all in plain sight:

I was pretty pleased with the final effect of adding the rick rack trim, it did add just the touch of emphasis without making it look like a child's garment:

Here is the blouse "as worn"... I am next planning on making a teal linen pinafore for an even more "summery" look, but as this blouse will coordinate with all the current pinafores in my closet, so I am quite content

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Re: Florals Rule Contest - voting thread
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Vote, Vote, Vote for the Florals Rule sewalong!!!

3 Votes Each ... Voting ends 10 am (ish) (GMT) on the 18th June!
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Re: Florals Rule Contest - voting thread
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Slept on this overnight but the decisions weren't any easier this morning! Eeny, meeny, voted!