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House Beautiful Voting Thread

BrendaP - Sun lounger cushions
8 (10%)
RJR38 1st Entry - Reading Cushions
10 (12.5%)
RJR38 2nd Entry - Etui Box
27 (33.8%)
Syrinx - Placemats
16 (20%)
StitchinTime - Zoom Meeting Background
11 (13.8%)
Efemeras Entry -  Box cushion
8 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 40

Voting closed: September 14, 2020, 10:12:08 AM

House Beautiful Contest - voting thread


House Beautiful Contest - voting thread
« on: August 09, 2020, 11:13:36 AM »
#1 BrendaP’s entry
Two sunloungers re-covered, and the frames given a coat of Hammerite paint.  We like the style of these loungers because there are three pairs of legs giving more stability.  A lot of loungers will tip over if you put weight on the bottom end.

Pattern used
One of the old covers.

A short description on how you made it/problems overcome/etc.
These are really just two large cushion covers with piped edges, a couple of ties to hold them to the frame and two zips where the cushion to allow insertion of two separate cushion pads.
I re-used all the zips and bought ready made piping which turned out to be a very good colour match.

The hardest part of the job was the fabric, it is very stiff and I had to turn the top tension up to maximum to avoid getting birds's nesting underneath, but it's waterproof and looks bright and cheerful.

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#2 RJR 38’s entry
I've spent the past couple of afternoons working on a Xmas prezzie for my niece and nephew.fle their bedrooms.

These are reading cushions and fairly quick makes. The fabrics are Lewis and Irene and are glow in the dark. As these are for children and was a quick, easy project I used pre-made binding.

I also used my cricut machine to cut their names from glow in the dark vinyl and used my heat press to fuse it on. I used all my fleece scraps for the stuffing and the cushions are small enough (14") that the whole thing can be thrown in the wash when needed.

Nearer Christmas I will 'fill it' with a suitable book and maybe a reading snack haha  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

#3 RJR 38' s 2nd Entry - Etui Box

OK, so for my second project I have been making an etui sewing box. Originally in Victorian Times these would either be a small portable sewing case or a larger sewing box to sit in their bedroom and look decorative while housing essential tools.

The first step was to cut all the pieces from mounting board with my cricut machine and then begin covering the internal lid pieces which were then stitched together EPP style before the outer was covered with wadding and fabric and also stitched on.

Next, I made the inside pieces. Each piece was covered with wadding and fabric was glued on with some extra sticking. On 3 pieces I made 3 elastic holders and on 3 pieces I made elasticated pockets. I also cut and machine stitched some fabric gussets.

Next, I covered the outside pieces (glued) and stitched them together.
The pincushion has teeny tiny micro-buttons attached (4mm wide) which I thought were so sweet although tricky to attach

I also hope to hand embroider a pincushion and scissor keeper that I have designed but not sure I will get that finished for this competition! 

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#4 Syrinx's Entry

I made a couple of FMQ sampler placemats out of some very old inherited fabric, old duvet cover for the top, and wool and bamboo battings for the innards.

There is some trapunto work in there, and FMQ design placements are my own. Some traditional FMQ in there and some more modern designs as well. The whole thing was a nice way to use up some stash and get back into the swing of FMQ pre present making and a couple of big wholecloth projects that are in the works.

It was a little tricky coming up with a design that didn't look too messy and made best use of the weird shaped offcuts. I was also using embroidery threads and struggled with the colours in the first one coming out too bright and brash; the second one I managed to work out the more pastel colours which work better.

They have both been bound with satin ribbon and I'm quite happy with them.

Unfortunately, only got pictures in artificial light.

Here is a close up picture of the FMQ

pre bound close up


Finished fronts

and of the back which shows how the inherited fabric informed the design.

#5 StitchInTime’s entry – a “Zoom Quilt”
In normal times this would be more “office beautiful” than “house beautiful”, but these are not normal times. Like many others I have been working from home and am likely to do so for quite a bit longer. After months of camera-off Zoom meetings, I have some meetings coming up that have to be camera-on but unfortunately the bookcases are in the wrong place to act as the usual Zoom background. I needed something that could be put away when not in use and would hide my home (and occupants!) from view, so I bought a photography background stand and made a simple quilt with minimal piecing and minimal quilting to act as a background for these meetings.
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The four coloured blocks are the logos and colours of the four research groups of my work and have been positioned to one side of the quilt allowing me to sit on the other side. The white shapes were fused to the coloured squares and then machine appliqued using zigzag. The horizontal quilting to the top and bottom of each block is in the same colour as each block (though this does not show clearly on the photos) and the rest of the quilting is in a neutral colour matching the main fabric of the quilt.
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Below the blocks I quilted words associated with these times which explain why the quilt was made, (these will be out of camera shot during meetings).
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The binding and hanging sleeve were made out of the same fabric as the backing so I can use the back of the quilt if I need an “unbranded” background. Hanging the quilt was a bit of a challenge as it needed more clips than supplied and the design of the supporting bar meant a single hanging sleeve would not be suitable. However, splitting the hanging sleeve into two and leaving a gap in the middle allows the quilt to be hung from the T-bar.
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And lastly but definitely not leastly, skimming in under the wire

#6 - Efemeras Entry
I recovered a box cushion for the unit in the porch.

A simple box cushion... no zip just slip stitched after putting in the seat pad.
Fabric is linen by Baker from Stead Mcalpin mill shop in Carlisle.

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Re: House Beautiful Contest - voting thread
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Aaaaaand Voting has begun for the HOUSE BEAUTIFUL Contest ...

Show your appreciation for these marvellous creations and Vote for your Winners.

You have TWO votes each and the vote runs for SEVEN days ...

Good Luck Girls!
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Re: House Beautiful Contest - voting thread
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Congratulations @RJR_38!
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Re: House Beautiful Contest - voting thread
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Well done everyone, especially @RJR_38   :toast:
Triumph of hope over experience :D