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Re: Sewing chair
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Re: Sewing chair
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Wow that’s a chair but I do agree about the diamonds   :loveit:


Re: Sewing chair
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I don't know what the base of your Horn cabinet is like but make sure there is floor room for the carousel of castors as they stick out a long way.  My Horn is a bit tight on space to the left  because it has an L shaped work surface and I have to kick my chair base round so that one of the castors doesn't catch on the cabinet base.
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Re: Sewing chair
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@Gernella the Mother has this chair, she had it for painting and I can confirm it is very comfortable and I have never noticed anything uncomfortable caused by the buttons.  I would add I have only sat in it and not sewn in it!
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Re: Sewing chair
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As someone with an masters' degree in ergonomics and some career spent in office furniture and allied trades, my recommendation is absolutely NOT to buy without trying.  Work chairs are like shoes - one size most certainly does not fit all.

Search online to see if there are any dealers in second-hand office furniture around your area then get yourself down there to see how the chair works for you and how adjustable it is.  Points to check are:

* does the lift/lower mechanism work smoothly?  If not, it's probably on its last legs and best avoided.
* does the chair have a tilt mechanism and, if so, does it work smoothly?  Tilt mechanisms are really handy - I tilt forward to use the machine and back to hand-sew
* does the chair have arm rests and, if so, are they height-adjustable?  Arm rests are not vital but if they are present they should not inhibit you getting as close as you need to to your work surface.
* does the seat back height mechanism work and can you get it to a point where your lower back is comfortably supported?
* what floor surface are you intending to use it on?  Castors/glides come in different forms for different surfaces and chairs intended for hard surfaces are grippier than those intended for carpets, which can make the chair awkward to shuffle around on if you have pile carpet.  Carpet castors/glides can be a bit dangerous on hard surfaces as the chair has a tendancy to fly away from you.
* is the foam sticking out/worn & torn?  If so, probably best to avoid - it's too far gone because office chair foam tends to be injection moulded onto the seat pan so can't easily be replaced.  Unless the chair is otherwise a winner and you're happy with the challenge of course!

If the upholstery is a bit worn, it may not matter provided that you can see how it might be recovered/replaced.


Re: Sewing chair
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There is one thing that I have got into the habit of doing with my computer and sewing chair, even if my back is not actually on the back of the chair, I always sit up straight, I never ever hunch over a machine.
Stash extension 2022 - 9.5 meters
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Re: Sewing chair
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@HenriettaMaria wow that was very interesting.  I had no idea there were different sorts of castors.  Could explain why my chair scoots along a bit too quickly.  Mine is quite old so maybe these sort of things weren’t available when we bought ours. 


Re: Sewing chair
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I love this one but it has no adjustment to the back, not that I have on my dining chair and I’ve never had an issue.
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Re: Sewing chair
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It's pretty, @Diane but the seat is quite deep and it might not offer much lumbar support unless you have long legs.

I have the opposite problem in that the chairs at our dining table are a little too high for my stubby legs so I need to use a massive cushion to sit comfortably. The table is also a little high but that is useful for tracing, cutting out, etc.
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