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SWAKOP Voting Thread


SWAKOP Voting Thread
« on: December 16, 2018, 01:08:07 AM »
Note: early finishers get 2 bonus votes each rewarded for sticking to the first deadline.
1. Renita’s SWAKOP
Early finisher

Let me present my collection for spring/summer 2018.  Sorry this is so long.  Not sure how much detail I'm supposed to supply... skip to the pictures if you don't need the details.  :D

Set 1:
B1: Denim jeans
Pattern: these are my own design, based on a mash-up of my pants block and a favourite pair of RTW jeans that currently have too much negative ease built in.
Fabric: this is a pretty special fabric for me - it is one of the last pieces of denim I produced back in my time as a denim developer/technician (about 10 years ago...).  Heavyweight, 100% cotton, with an overdyed finish (pale gold colour over the indigo).  Lining on band and pockets is the same paisley I've previously used for my hat.

T1a: 3/4 length sleeve tee
Pattern: My own draft based on my set-in long sleeve tee, with the neckline widened and deepened to match the neckline of the dress (WC2) and the sleeves shortened to 3/4 length, with cuffs added.
Fabric: 100% cotton jersey, natural colour, almost seedy.

T1b: Linen knit boxy tee
Pattern: My own - just two rectangles really with one longer than the other, with sloping shoulders for better fit. Binding folded over an trimmed at neckline.
Fabric:  100% linen, pigment dyed khaki, purchased from Cleggs in Melbourne several years ago.  I've eked out all I could from this piece and now have 3 garments from it (one didn't make it through to the collection).

Set 2:
B2: Linen pull-on trousers
Pattern: based on Vogue 2064, with my own fit adjustments and without the darts, so I can get them over my hips.
Fabric: 100% linen, two-tone (brown warp, cream weft)

T2a: Gold spotted poly woven singlet
Pattern: my own, this was a test garment for fit, based on my loose knit singlet pattern.  Worked well, but found it needed a small dart at the armhole.  Have worn it several times already - it's a lovely happy colour.
Fabric: remnant - I think it's a polyester lining fabric.

T2b: Textured natural cotton shell
Pattern: same as above, with the dart moved to the side seam and eased into the back.
Fabrics: 100% cotton.  The outer has a great diamond weave pattern and hasn't been bleached so still has the seedy look of natural cotton.  Inner is a cotton lawn (the only 'purchased' fabric for the collection)

Set 3:
B3: Khaki canvas trousers
Pattern: same as the jeans, even down to the back pocket 'swirls'.  Because this fabric is lighter, I made them a slightly looser fit.
Fabric: 100% cotton, canvas weave.  Lining same as jeans.

T3a: Salmon jersey wide-necked raglan tee
Pattern: my own, based on a RTW tee I had years ago.  Not normally a fan of raglan sleeves, but I like the wide-neck and the wide band on this one.
Fabric: Cotton/lycra jersey

T3b: Printed raglan tie-front top
Pattern: based on the same raglan t-shirt pattern as above, just modified to add a lot more width to the pieces so it could be gathered.  Front slit and bound then the neckline trimmed in bias binding which then extend to the ties.
Fabric: 100% cotton, a remnant of border print - cut so the border runs across the back.

Wild cards:
W1: Linen knit cardigan
Pattern: V8954, modified to raise the neckline, as a previous version of this kept falling off my shoulders.  Also adjusted the collar pieces to match the smaller neck opening.
Fabric: same linen knit as T1b

W2: Linen darted dress
Pattern:  One of the dresses in the 'Basic Black' book by Sato Watanabe.  Modified the shoulders.  I was going to make this as a thigh length tunic, but just cut it out to the end of the fabric, ready to trim it off once I tried it on.  I actually like the length as it was, uneven hem and all, so hemmed it as is.  I thought it might be too long to go over the trousers B2, but liked to look, so have kept it in the collection.  As a wild-card, it needs to go with both sets 1 and 2.  It goes from being an 'under' with the tops from Set 1, to an 'over' with the trousers from Set 2.
Fabric:  Same as B2

Here they are:

Left to Right: Linen dart dress (W2), Printed cotton tie-front raglan top (T3b), Textured cotton lined shell top (T2b), Raglan wide-neck tee (T3a), Woven singlet (T2a), Linen knit boxy tee (T1b), Natural cotton jersey ¾ sleeve tee (T1a), Linen knit cardigan (W1), Linen pull-on trousers (B2), Cotton canvas jeans (B3), Denim jeans (B1)

Some detail shots, showing various neck and edge bindings, my chinese knot buttons on the cardigan, and the fit of the jeans, which I'm very happy with:

And finally, I've spent all day taking photos and am quite certain now I'm not cut out to be a model!  Oh goodness, it's tedious.  I've never changed clothes so many times in one day.  Here are hopefully enough looks to show how it all works together. Please tell me it's enough, I'm not even sure I have the strength left to change into my pyjamas!

So there it is folks.  It's been a hard task making the final selections.  There are several garments that are still very much part of my overall wardrobe, but couldn't fit into the garment limit. 

I also have more plans to fill out the 'holes'.  I'd love another set or two to reduce the workload on these garments, so they don't wear out too fast.  I'd also like an extra over-layer or two, so I'm prepared for cooler evenings.  And more a couple more dresses... so much still to do.

This has been a very rewarding process and I'm going to be better dressed than I've ever been before.  It will be marvellous to know I can pick anything out of the wardrobe and have something that works. 

2. Sewruthiesew’s SWAKOP
Early finisher

I have managed to finish and will try to do some photos of me wearing the pieces over the weekend.
Aubergine drapey trousers finished tonight

Cropped the faux leather trousers into culottes (which are more versatile I think)

Subbed in a previously made black ponte pencil skirt

To give this as the collection

Bigger Picture

3. Mrs Thrifty’s SWAKOP

Well, I've made it just in time! Didn't think I'd be able to take photos in time but I've just managed it. I also want to point out that an outdoor photo session (due to camera lens constraints- zoom is broken!), when the temps are hovering around 38c with 70% humidity and rising due to imminent summer storms are not great conditions for modelling anything with long sleeves, long legs or indeed any extra layers, including WOOL COATS! I need to get my AintoG and photograph as I go... At least then they'd be seasonally appropriate. ;)

Copied from my little plod-along-thread from a week or so ago, here are the groups as they stand:

Group 1
- MADE - Style Arc Fay Skirt in black croc print scuba.
- MADE - Style Arc Terry Tie Cardigan in double face merino.
- MADE - Cashmerette Dartmouth. B&W printed poly knit. Sadly too small and wants to ride up, should have sized up for the fabric, but I'll keep it in for the purpose of this plan.

Group 2
- MADE - Style Arc Fay Skirt in black and white geometric textured knit.
- MADE - Style Arc Diana Top in a pepper grey space-dyed, heathered spandex black ITY knit.
Style Arc Demi Drape Top- outside layer only (see camisole above).
- SUBSTITUTED - Style Arc Abby Cardigan in a black, sheer, textured knit fabric.

Group 3
- MADE - Style Arc Linda pants in black ponte knit. Fail! I apparently didn't pre-wash the fabric and they shrank in the length! They're awaiting being lopped off into house shorts. Therefore...
- SUBSTITUTED - Style Arc Barb in a "ponte like" fabric. Thick and spongy like ponte, with a fine rib. This fabric DIDN'T shrink, thank goodness.
- MADE - Style Arc Samantha Raglan Top in B&W and W&B striped cotton spandex.
- MADE - A loose fit, dropped shoulder t-shirt with a godet back I took a rub-off from, in a B&W border print knit.

Wild Card
- MADE - Simplicity 8141, View D- Twist front tunic in a grey, drapey, loose weave knit.
Which goes well with the Croc Print Fay Skirt from group one, the Black ITY Diana Cami in group two and the ponte-like Barb Pants in Group 3. Yay!

And here they all are lined up together on the curtain rod in my sewing room! Achievement unlocked! Woot!

I'd do things a little differently next time to make it easier (like prewashing things), but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and appreciate being able to look back and feel a bit proud of the number of things I've made this year. :)

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