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Vintage Machines / Singer 27 Godzilla finish
« on: August 09, 2020, 16:34:45 PM »
Just won a 1912 Singer 27 (based on serial number) with crinkle finish on an auction. Paid $13 for it. Shipping to get it here is $20. It appears to be in pretty good condition, has been converted to electric and is in a "portable" case. It doesn't appear to be rusty anywhere. The shuttle and some bobbins are with it. All covers are on the machine.

Can't wait for it to get here. Will probably be about 2 weeks for shipping. Guess I'll see how much I remember about operating a VS machine. My Mom had a 27 in its treadle cabinet that was her mother's when I was young. I watched her all the time sewing pretty much anything we needed that we either couldn't or she wouldn't get from the store as well as all sorts of patching, alterations. I never got to use it. I was still young enough that I couldn't reach the treadle well enough to reliably pedal it and keep it coordinated to stay going the same direction.

I'm sure I will run into all sorts of questions for you knowledgeable folks as I begin using it.

This pic is from the auction site. I have no idea how long it will be valid.

Hi, I'm new... / Hello from South Carolina, USA
« on: July 18, 2020, 18:33:00 PM »
Hi everyone

I learned to sew from my mom back in the 70's. She had a Singer vibrating shuttle treadle machine and had just purchased a nice electric with zig-zag capabilities. At that time, she made some of our clothes and always made curtains, covers for stuff, did hand embroidery, etc. She was raised right at the end of our great depression in the 30's and 40's so she learned very early not to waste anything and do everything you could yourself.

It didn't take long for my mom to figure out with my mechanical aptitude that I could probably oil and clean her machines as well or better than she could. I got to oil and clean the machines all the time. It didn't take more than 1 look to figure out how it worked and how the different adjustments changed things mechanically. Once I understood the operation and settings/adjustments, actually putting in the stitches and following a pattern was easy for me. I did all her maintenance and the very few repairs that we ever needed on her machines. I fine tuned everything to work great. For some reason, I was the only one in the house who could make a good button hole.

I got to sew on the electric a good bit one summer when she broke her arm and had some stuff that had to be finished. I was never fortunate enough to be able to use the treadle. At 10, I just couldn't coordinate getting it going the right direction all the time and could barely reach the pedal with my tip toes. It was my great grandmother's machine. I wish I still had it today. My sister inherited her place when she died and promptly got rid of all that "old, useless" stuff.

Over the years, I have made a few motorcycle seat covers, a few dresses for girlfriends (no idea why I didn't get pictures of them wearing them) and ended up machine-less about 20 years ago.

I bought a very nice Morse 2300 Deluxe back in Feb from a thrift for $15 in almost pristine condition. All it needed was a good cleaning and oiling. Sews like a dream. Very smooth and quiet. Straight stitch only, though. It came with a box of attachments including a ruffler (never seen or used one before. Always did by hand if needed), a zipper foot, a darning foot, screwdriver, needles, bobbins, a can of oil, and some thread. Nice setup for the little I paid.

I don't know that I will do anymore clothing. It's just not cost effective these days unless something very expensive. I will be making some seat covers. I have found that as I get older, with a few medical conditions, that I don't enjoy as much or can't do all the stuff outside that I once did. It's very frustrating. My mind says yeah lets do this. My body says are you crazy...this is gonna take all week instead of a few hours like years ago.

I have always enjoyed sewing and now that I have a machine again, will probably get into quilting. I have finished a quilt top for my new grandson. Hope to complete the quilt soon. I quite enjoyed hand embroidery/needlepoint years ago too. Made a few things. Table runners mostly.

I don't know how much I will be posting on here. There doesn't seem to be much I can ad. I have been avidly reading posts all over the forum and really enjoying seeing what everyone is doing. I learn so much from reading everyone's posts that most questions I may have are answered already if I just find the right post. It looks like everyone out here has way more experience than me. So, this place is a little like an interactive "reference book" for finding out what to do or how to do it.

I didn't get the creative genes for some reason. I got the analytical, logical genes. Give me a pattern and instructions, no problem. Tell me to come up with a pattern or layout, unless there is a very specific set of guidelines, i'm not much help.

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